Tremor Rocks Kataragama, Lunugamwehera Area: No Damage, Casualties Reported

A tremor with a magnitude of 2.5 struck near Kataragama, Lunugamwehera area yesterday (May 15th) at around 10.15 pm. The Director General of the Geological Survey and Mines Bureau, Mr. Ajith Prem confirmed the news and informed that it was a minor earthquake.

The Bureau of Geological Survey and Mines also stated that the tremor was felt by the people in the surrounding areas. Although there have been no reports of any damages or injuries caused by the tremor, it has caused a sense of panic among the residents.

Earthquakes are not uncommon in Sri Lanka, but they are usually mild and do not cause significant damage. However, the Bureau of Geological Survey and Mines urges the public to remain vigilant and prepared in case of any eventuality.