Judge Orders Speedy Decision On Corruption Case Against MP Wimal Weerawansa After Six-year Delay

The Colombo High Court was informed by the Additional Solicitor General Ayesha Jinasena that despite the Bribery Commission filing a case against former minister Wimal Weerawansa six years ago, it has not been possible to start the trial.

The case is related to Weerawansa allegedly earning over 75 million rupees in money and assets that could not be earned from his legitimate income and assets in a period of 10 years. The delay prompted the judge to order oral speeches related to the basic objections presented by the defense to be presented on June 16.

The Bribery Commission brought charges against Weerawansa during the Yahapalana government, accusing him of earning more than 75 million rupees more than his legal income while working as a minister between January 1, 2009 and December 31, 2014. The Commission stated that Weerawansa committed an offense punishable under the Bribery Act known as 'corruption' by acquiring assets and money exceeding the income of 75 million rupees.

When the case was called against Weerawansa, he appeared in court. His lawyer Jayantha Weerasinghe presented the fact that his client had filed an appeal in a higher court regarding another case similar to this case and requested an adjournment of this case until the decision of that case is heard. Weerasinghe also claimed that this case was filed against Weerawansa to take political revenge from his client.

The Additional Solicitor General argued that the prosecution has made written submissions regarding the initial objections presented by the defense that this case cannot be assigned and maintained and requested a prompt decision regarding the objection of the defense in consideration of this delay. The judge ruled that the presence of an appeal in another similar case in the higher court will not hinder the further proceedings of this case.