Government Announces Relief Package For Several Sectors Amid Rumours Of Early Presidential Election

The government has announced that it will provide a relief package to reduce the burden on the people before the end of this year, as rumors of an early Presidential election swirl in the country.

The Minister of Agriculture, Mahinda Amaraweera, made the announcement on Thursday, stating that the package would be implemented in several sectors within the next six months. The measures include a reduction in electricity bills within the next two months, and further reductions in fuel prices on two occasions in the future.

The government also plans to decrease gas prices and provide monthly subsidies to low-income families starting next month. Additionally, the government will credit each family with an amount ranging from 3000 to 15,000 rupees to support their livelihoods. The government has also agreed to provide tax concessions as requested by the people.

The announcement comes amidst speculation of an early Presidential election, with some suggesting that the relief package is aimed at gaining an advantage in the upcoming election. However, the government has not commented on the speculation.