Tug of War Continues: President's Office Takes Stern Action to Remove Provincial Governors Who Refuse to Resign

The President's Office has taken steps to remove four provincial governors who have refused to resign from their positions. Sources from the President's Office have stated that state officials will be informed not to consider these governors as the President's representatives.

The President's Office is also focused on appointing a committee headed by a judge to remove the governors from their positions and appoint other people to take their place. The governors who have been notified to resign will also not receive any money.

According to sources, the relevant governors are not prepared to resign, so measures have been discussed to remove them from their positions. The governors of Eastern, Northern, Sabaragamuwa, and North-Western provinces were informed to resign by the President's Office.

A senior spokesperson from the President's Office explained that it is a normal tradition for governors to resign when a new president is appointed, similar to the abolition of the Cabinet of Ministers when the prime minister resigns. However, since these governors did not resign when the current President Ranil Wickramasinghe took office, the President waited for some time for them to resign voluntarily.