Kalutara Lodge Tragedy: Police Suspect Deceased Student was Sold for Money

Police suspect that a 16-year-old student who died after falling from an upper floor of a lodge in Kalutara, Sri Lanka, was sold to the main suspect in the incident for money.

According to reports, the police suspect that the boyfriend of the girl who went to the lodge with the student suggested selling the deceased student to the main suspect for a sum of 20,000 rupees.

The police also suspect that the main suspect gave a part of the money to the boyfriend. The main suspect was presented to the Kalutara Magistrate's Court on May 12 and was remanded until May 26.

The Criminal Investigation Department's Homicide Investigation Division is currently conducting investigations into the incident. The police are also trying to determine who made the last phone call to the deceased girl.

The defense lawyer questioned whether the student's death was a suicide or murder, adding that the police have so far failed to identify who made the last phone call to the girl. The magistrate ordered the suspect to be presented to a forensic doctor on May 16 to check for teeth marks on the girl's leg and breast.