Mahinda Kahandagama’s Daughter Says Social Media Activist Was “Punished” For Calling Her Father About May 09 Incidents

The recent attack on social media activist Piyath Nikeshala, which took place on the evening of May 10th, has been linked to a controversial phone conversation he allegedly published on social media platforms. According to a recent social media post by Rekha Kahandagama, the daughter of former SLPP Municipal Councillor Mahinda Kahandagana, Nikeshala was punished for publishing a phone conversation with her father on social media platforms.

Rekha Kahandagama claimed that Nikeshala had called her father earlier that day to discuss the incidents of May 09th last year, which led to a heated exchange between the two. Nikeshala allegedly went on to publish the recording of the conversation on social media, which led to his attack later that day.

Eyewitnesses reported that a group led by the Deputy Mayor of Kaduwela approached Nikeshala and physically assaulted him, also damaging his vehicle in the process. The attack left the activist with severe cuts and injuries, and he was rushed to the Thalangama hospital for medical attention.

The incident has raised concerns about the safety of activists and journalists in the country, and many have taken to social media to condemn the attack and demand justice for Nikeshala. The police have not yet arrested any individual in connection with the incident.

The motive behind the attack is still being investigated, and the authorities have not confirmed the veracity of the claims made by Rekha Kahandagama. However, this incident highlights the growing concerns over the safety of journalists and activists in Sri Lanka and the need for effective measures to ensure their protection.