Heated Argument Breaks Out in Parliament Over Express Pearl Ship Incident

A tense situation arose in Sri Lanka's House of Representatives today, May 10th, when an argument erupted between the Minister of Judicial Prison Affairs and Constitutional Reform, Dr. Wijayadasa Rajapakse, and Kurunegala District Councilor of the Samagi Jana Balavegaya, Thushara Indunil.

The argument occurred during a debate proposal regarding the incident involving the Express Pearl ship. When MP Thushara Indunil attempted to speak on the matter, Minister Rajapakse raised a point of order and made accusations. MP Indunil interrupted and began to speak, leading to a heated conversation between the two.

During the exchange, Minister Rajapakse told MP Indunil, "This Parliament is not Montessori. If you came to make laws, you should know the point of order (rules). Learn how to behave in Parliament."

Minister Rajapakse also referenced the councilor Ajith Mannapperuma and stated, "You decide whether to go to the debate or not. The story of the two hundred and fifty million dollars was told by your councilor Ajith Mannapperuma. I also complained about the incident to the CID. You are trying to turn it the other way."

The Express Pearl incident, which occurred on May 20th, 2021, involved a container ship catching fire off the coast of Sri Lanka. The fire burned for nearly two weeks, resulting in environmental damage and concerns over the safety of the crew and the cargo. The incident has been a topic of discussion in Sri Lanka's parliament, with many calling for accountability and transparency regarding the handling of the situation.