Tuition Class Teacher On The Run After Sexually Assaulting 16 Female Students

A tuition class teacher of Kalutara on the run after allegedly sexually assaulting 16 female students. The police have received several complaints about the assistant class teacher and have launched investigations to apprehend him.

According to a police officer, two police stations in the Kalutara Police Division have received several complaints as of Monday evening. The officer also stated that the teacher sexually assaulted the schoolgirls in the classroom and took them to a forest in the Lagoswatta area of Kalutara on the pretext of dropping them home.

The alleged incidents are said to have taken place during Zoom classes, with the girls instructed to take off their clothes when their parents were not present. These scenes were reportedly recorded by the teacher.

The complaint came to light when the teacher's wife discovered sex videos stored on his laptop and informed the parents of the girls. Among those allegedly molested is said to be the daughter of an officer of a police station in the Kalutara Division.

The Kalutara Police Division crime scene laboratory officers have also launched an investigation into the incident. The suspected teacher, who teaches mathematics, is believed to have fled the area.

The police have appealed to the public for any information that could lead to the arrest of the accused. The parents of the students have expressed shock and concern over the incidents and have demanded swift action to bring the perpetrator to justice.