Cabinet Grants Approval To Set Up Paying Wards In State Hospitals Across The Country

The Cabinet has granted approval for the introduction of paying wards in state hospitals across the country. The decision comes following a proposal tabled during the 2023 budget by the President.

The decision to introduce paying wards is aimed at benefiting the large number of government employees who are beneficiaries of the “Agrahara” health insurance cover under the National Insurance Trust Fund, as well as citizens who are willing to pay for additional facilities at government hospitals.

While some have welcomed the move as a step towards providing better healthcare services to those who can afford it, others have raised concerns about the impact it will have on the already struggling public healthcare system in the country. Critics argue that the move will lead to a two-tier healthcare system, where those who can afford to pay for healthcare will receive better treatment, while those who cannot will be left behind.

The decision has also been met with opposition from healthcare workers and trade unions. They argue that the move will put further pressure on an already overburdened healthcare system and will lead to increased workload and stress for healthcare workers.

However, supporters of the move argue that it will provide much-needed revenue to state hospitals and will help to improve the quality of healthcare services provided. They also point out that paying wards are already in operation in some government hospitals, and that the new proposal will only expand on this existing system.