Sri Lanka’s Republican Front, Led by Champika Ranawaka, To Be Launched On May 22

Former Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka is set to launch a new political party in Sri Lanka, named the Republican Front, on May 22, which is also Sri Lanka's Republic Day. The launching ceremony will be held at the Maharagama Youth Auditorium and will be attended by political representatives, civil society organizations, and journalists.

The Republican Front is expected to present a new vision for Sri Lanka's future and promote progressive policies that prioritize economic development, social justice, and environmental protection. The party will also aim to promote good governance, transparency, and accountability in the public sector.

The party symbol will be a pencil, which represents education, innovation, and creativity. The symbol was chosen to reflect the party's commitment to promoting education as a means of empowering Sri Lanka's youth and building a more prosperous future for the country.

Ranawaka, who previously served as Minister of Megapolis and Western Development and a Minister of Power and Energy, is considered a leading figure in Sri Lanka's political landscape. He is well known for his progressive views on environmental protection and sustainable development.