Ranil Address UNP May Day Rally: Says All Party Agreement Sought To Find Solution To Ethnic Issue

President Ranil Wickramasinghe has stated that he hopes to reach an agreement with all parties to find a solution to the country’s ethnic crisis this year. In a special statement at the United National Party May Day rally held at Sugathadasa Stadium in Colombo, the President expressed his desire to find a solution that is acceptable to all.

Wickramasinghe has been working towards achieving a consensus on the Tamil issue and strengthening national harmony. In January 2023, he convened an all-party conference to continue his efforts. The conference aimed to find a solution to the ethnic problem through national reconciliation.

The President has also emphasized the need for political stability and thanked those who supported the country’s building program. He took over the country with the belief that he could rebuild its broken economy.

Wickramasinghe’s efforts come after India expressed its wish to see the full implementation of the 13th Amendment in Sri Lanka, which provides for the devolution of power to the Tamil community. The President has indicated that he would consider full implementation of the 13th Amendment with all-party consensus