Former ITN Announcer Resigns After Allegedly Being Pressured for Sexual Bribes by Bosses

In a shocking turn of events, a former news anchor for ITN, a state-run TV station in Sri Lanka, has resigned from her position after allegedly being pressured to offer sexual bribes by her superiors. The announcer took to social media to make her story known, stating that her self-respect was more important than her job.

Ishara Devendra, the announcer, who remains unnamed, detailed how she had decided to pursue a career in the media in 2008 and had joined ITN on March 15th, 2023. She revealed that she had encountered a culture of sexual harassment and abuse during her time at the company, which had left her feeling mentally tormented.

The announcer claimed that there were several older men in the company who would make inappropriate advances towards young women looking to advance their careers in the media. She stated that these men would make jokes, laugh and surround women during meetings, leaving many female employees feeling intimidated and afraid to speak out.

Despite having reported the incidents with evidence and audio-video recordings to the authorities, the announcer claims that no action was taken. She expressed concern that this was not an isolated incident and that many women were silently enduring this kind of abuse in various workplaces across the country.

In her Facebook post, the announcer urged others not to let their daughters, wives, sisters or friends fall prey to these kinds of predators. She ended her post by stating that she hoped her former employers would take steps to prevent such incidents from happening again in the future.

The incident has sparked outrage across Sri Lanka, with many calling for ITN to take action against those responsible. The announcer's story has shed light on a pervasive culture of harassment and abuse that exists in many workplaces across the country, and it is hoped that her bravery in speaking out will encourage others to do the same.