Controversy Erupts Over Negombo Beach Party Held on Fourth Anniversary of Easter Sunday Attacks

In a shocking development, a beach party has been organized on April 21 in Negombo to coincide with the fourth commemoration of the Easter Sunday attacks that claimed over 300 lives in Sri Lanka.

The party will be held at the Goldi Sands Hotel in Negombo, which is in close proximity to the Katuwapitiya church, one of the sites targeted by the bombers. The promotional posts on social media advertised popular artists, including Bathiya and Santhush, who will be performing at the show.

The event has been heavily criticized on social media for being insensitive towards the victims of the Easter Sunday attacks and their family members. The Catholic Church has also expressed disappointment, stating that the victims have not received justice yet.

The event has raised questions about the appropriateness of holding such celebrations on a day that marks a tragic event in the country's history. The organizers of the event have not yet responded to the criticism.

The Easter Sunday attacks, carried out by a group of extremists, targeted churches and luxury hotels in Sri Lanka on April 21, 2019, killing 267 people and injuring more than 500. The incident shocked the nation and led to a crackdown on extremist groups. However, the victims' families continue to demand justice for their loved ones.