Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa Silent on Calls for Action Against MP Rajitha Senaratne's Pro-Government Remarks

Calls for action against Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) MP Rajitha Senaratne, who publicly indicated his support for joining the government, have gone unanswered by party leader Sajith Premadasa. Senaratne has made multiple public remarks in favour of joining the government, including during a press briefing at the SJB office.

Several MPs have reportedly called for the revocation of Senaratne's party membership due to his recent actions and statements, but Premadasa has remained silent on the matter. Informed party sources have confirmed that no disciplinary action has been initiated against the senior MP.

Senaratne's statements contradict party decisions and have damaged the SJB's image. He has previously expressed his willingness to join the government if offered the Health Minister portfolio.

The party is divided on the issue, with some members calling for Senaratne's immediate removal from the party, while others advocate for a more lenient approach. The Opposition Leader's decision on the matter is highly anticipated by both party members and the public as it could have significant implications for the party's future.