[WATCH] Controversy Surrounds SLRC Awurudu Musical Show With Bandula Gunawardena’s Son Being Featured As A Singer

The Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation's upcoming Awurudu musical show in Biyagama has sparked controversy as Media Minister Bandula Gunawardene's son, Sahan Gunawardena, is set to perform at the event. The Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation falls directly under the purview of the media minister, leading to accusations of nepotism.

Furthermore, Sahan Gunawardena has appeared in a promotional video for the musical show, which has further fueled accusations of nepotism. This move has been viewed by many as a blatant abuse of power and influence by the minister.

The controversy over nepotism charges has intensified in recent days, as Sahan Gunawardena passed the SLBC voice test and received a certificate confirming him as an 'A' Grade singer. The certificate was handed over to him by the Chairman of the SLBC, Hudson Samarasinghe.

While Gunawardena has released several of his own songs and is known to be a talented vocalist, many are questioning the ethics of promoting family members through government institutions. Critics argue that such practices undermine the credibility of public institutions and suggest that appointments should be made on merit, rather than familial ties.

The controversy has sparked widespread debate on social media and has reignited calls for the government to address issues of nepotism and cronyism. As the country prepares to celebrate the Sinhala and Tamil New Year, the controversy surrounding the musical show serves as a stark reminder of the need for greater transparency and accountability in government appointments.