LG Polls Get Further Delayed: Elections Commission To Issue Statement Announcing Postponement

Provincial Council and Local Government State Minister Mr. Janaka Vakkambura announced that the upcoming local government election on the 25th will not be possible.

Following a meeting between the Election Commission and the Prime Minister, Vakkambura told media that the commission will confer with the Ministry of Finance to provide a statement regarding future voting plans.

Vakkambura acknowledged the current challenging situation, stating that voting on the 25th would be difficult without postal votes. The Election Commission will release a statement regarding the way forward before April 25th.

In the meeting, the Prime Minister pledged to do justice to the Election Commission's demands after discussing with the Ministry of Finance. Additionally, they discussed the payment of salaries for public servants who are contesting the elections. The Election Commission will issue a recommendation for appointing those officers to a place outside of their voting division and paying their salaries accordingly.