Sajith Yet to Decide on MP Rajitha Senaratne's Party Membership, Calls for Action Grow

Sources within the party have revealed that the Opposition Leader, Sajith Premadasa, has yet to make a decision regarding the status of MP Rajitha Senaratne's party membership.

Several MPs have reportedly called for the revocation of Senaratne's membership in the Samagi Jana Balawegaya party due to his recent actions and statements.

According to reports, Senaratne has been issuing statements that contradict the decisions made by the party, causing significant damage to the party's image. In addition, Senaratne had previously expressed his willingness to join the government if he were offered the Health Minister portfolio.

However, the party remains divided on the matter, with some members calling for Senaratne's immediate removal from the party, while others advocate for a more lenient approach. The Opposition Leader's decision on this issue will be closely watched by both party members and the general public, as it could have significant implications for the party's future.