Young Pre-school Teacher Found Murdered with Throat Slit in Peradeniya: Police Launch Investigation

Images: Lankadeepa Online Images: Lankadeepa Online

A pre-school teacher, identified as Anjali Chapa (25) and a resident of Murutala, was found murdered this morning (07) in the Ilukwatta area of Peradeniya.

According to the Peradeniya Police, Anjali was on her way to a New Year celebration at the pre-school when someone attacked and slit her throat near the Ginihena cemetery.

The police have revealed that Anjali was speaking to someone on her phone while she was on her way to the pre-school. The police are currently investigating the case and gathering information from her mobile phone to identify the suspect.

As of now, the suspect has not been identified, and the police are conducting further investigations to make an arrest.