Harsha Clarifies Media Reports On "Possible Crossover": Admits Similarities Between IMF Reform Package And SJB Blueprint

Opposition MP Dr. Harsha De Silva has clarified his position on media reports pertaining to his possible crossover.

Commenting on a story published by a daily English newspaper this morning, de Silva tweeted, " I said reforms are essential and current Sri Lanka plan with the IMF is similar to our Blueprint except for their total lack of focus on social safety nets. But all of this stuff is pure conjecture."

He also said, "Unlike the current plan, the SJB Blueprint calls for strong anti corruption and governance structures. This is the very foundation. The IMF needs to ensure this government not only brings in stronger legislation but implement what is there. Fundamental."

However, it is widely believed that de Silva maintains good relations with President Ranil Wickremesinghe who has launched a comprehensive economic reforms package.