Female Lawyer In Rathnapura Found Dead In Her House Under Mysterious Circumstances: Police Probe Underway

The Palamadulla Police say that the body of a female lawyer who died mysteriously was found in a house in Bulathwelgoda, Palamadulla. According to the Palamadulla Police, the body of Ms. Dushmanthi Abeyratne (40), who died suspiciously, was lying on her bed. A maid who visited her house last morning had seen the body and informed the police. He has made a statement to the police that the lawyer's husband was not at home since the 30th night. The Palmadulla Magistrate visited the house of the lawyer and carried out the on-site inspection. A local woman also gave a statement before the magistrate. The lawyer's family has informed the Pelmadulla police that the death is suspicious, the police said. The police are also investigating a text message sent by the deceased lawyer to one of her family members, the previous night.