Tuk Drivers Refuse To Reduce Prices Despite Fuel Price Hike Reduction: "Industry Has Collapsed Due To High Costs, Low Demand"

The All Ceylon Union of Three Wheeler Entrepreneurs states that tricycle fares cannot be reduced in view of the recent fuel price reduction.

Merrill Dissanayake, President of All Ceylon Three Wheeler Entrepreneurs' Union, said that the demand made by some people to lower the three wheeler fee by 10 rupees per kilometer was not acceptable because the price of a liter of petrol has only been reduced by 60 rupees.

Dissanayake added that a three-wheeler can run about 20 kilometers on a liter of petrol, and by reducing 60 rupees per liter of petrol, the price can only be reduced by 3 rupees per kilometer.

He said that the industry had collapsed due to the high price of tires, maintenance costs and low demand for Tuk rides.

He said that three-wheeler owners received some relief due to the reduction in petrol prices, but compared to other high costs, it was meager.

Therefore, Dissanayake said that three-wheeler fares cannot be reduced at all