Decorated former SLAF officer supporting the NPP blacklisted

Air Vice Marshal (Rtd) Sampath Thuyacontha has been blacklisted by the Sri Lanka Air Force with immediate effect for reasons that have not been made public. In a private internal communique issued on 10 March 2023, SSO Provost of the SLAF Group Captain C.M.D Chandrasekara has informed Commanding officers and officers in charge of SLFA camps and facilities that Thuyacontha should not be allowed to visit any SLAF establishment/ premises or use any SLAF facility/mode of transport or any other SLAF facility available to retired personnel. The communique also orders for a copy of it to be inserted into Thuyacontha’s personal file.

An old Thurstanite, Thuyacontha was known as a talented Air Force officer and pilot with an unblemished service record who served during the country’s war years. With a service of 35 years, he was much respected among his peers and rank and file. Following his retirement, Thuyacontha has once again come to the fore by becoming a member of the National People’s Power (NPP) party and has been seen delivering speeches at NPP events and rallies.