LG elections critical for SL - US Ambassador Julie Chung

US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Julie Chung says Local Government Elections are critical for Sri Lanka. Chung made these comments while attending yesterday's 2023 edition of the National Law Conference organised by the Bar Association of Sri Lanka in Colombo. Chung was the Guest of Honour at the event. "Democracies are under strain across the globe and no democracy stands without the rule of law. You are the guardians of that precious rule,” she said. The Ambassador said the United States of America supports the rights of everyday Sri Lankans to voice their concerns peacefully and participate in their government.

The US Ambassador to Sri Lanka stated Sri Lanka's proud history of free elections underpins those rights. "Giving citizens the ability to advocate directly to the government in partnership with civil society organisations and through qualified legal representation in an independent judiciary. That's why local government elections, we have been discussing, are so critical" she said.