Authorities provide novel solution to accident causing perilous precipice

A temporary safety fence out of wood has been constructed on Monday by the Road Development Authority office in the Hulang Wanguwa area of ​​the Nortonbridge Diyagala main road where a private bus carrying a group of Sri Pada pilgrims toppled off the road on March 19. 

On the day a private bus carrying a group of pilgrims from Nallathanniya to Maharagama ran off the road and toppled down the precipice killing three people while 26 others were seriously injured and taken to hospital.

The Nortonbridge Diyagala main road is used as a shortcut for buses and other vehicles carrying pilgrims coming for the Sri Pada pilgrimage along the Hatton road to Nallathanniya.

The road consists of 8 kilometres and the work of re-carpeting the road started in the year 2020. But its development work has been temporarily stopped now. The local residents have requested the authorities to recommence the work and to create safety barriers to prevent further accidents.