Sumanthiran accuses President of using diversionary tactics to distract the citizens from the real problems

February 27, 2023

Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Spokesman M.A Sumanthiran has accused President Ranil Wickremesinghe and his Government of using diversionary tactics including the Local Government polls issue. Holding a press conference in Jaffna over the weekend, Sumanthiran said the President is even using the Local Government election to take the people’s attention away from the issues they are facing due to the cost of living crisis and the imposition of unjust tax structures on them. “With regards to the election itself, our position is that periodic elections are an important element to establish there is democratic governance in the country. That can never be compromised by the postponement of elections which is an essential feature of democracy,” he said. “It is one way in which we can say our Government has a democracy,” he added.

Noting that the treasury released part of the funds required for polls and that the United National Party (UNP) led by Wickremesinghe paid deposits to contest in many electorates while also campaigning in these areas, Sumanthiran said the Minister of Finance and the leader of the UNP, said there are no elections. “This is the height of absurdity,” the TNA MP said.