Future elections run risk of being postponed based on the lack of funds claim - Former EC Chief

February 17, 2023

Former Commissioner of Elections, Mahinda Deshapriya says any future election is at risk of being postponed if the excuse claiming there is a lack of funds is accepted at this juncture. Addressing a press conference yesterday Deshpriya said accordingly it will be possible to delay any election in the future if the upcoming Local Government is postponed based on the fact. He also said in reality an election only costs Rs. 8 billion contrary to the Rs. 10 billion announced and even then the funds are not required at once. He added that the entire amount is not necessary during the preparation period. “Initially the EC only requires Rs. 2.5 - 3 billion. Even that amount can be disbursed in parts,” he noted.

The Former Commissioner said it is possible to hold the elections as scheduled by having discussions with the Treasury, the IGP, the Government Printer and various other parties. When asked how he would have faced the current issues in holding the elections, Deshapriya refused to answer and said it is up to the current Election Commissioner and the members to decide how they will resolve the conundrum.