Liberal Youth Movement expresses concern about possible cancellation of LG polls

February 16, 2023

The Liberal Youth Movement, a youth-led civil society organisation has expressed its deep concern about the cancellation of elections. Releasing a statement its COO Namini Panditha said the organisation believes that elections are an integral part of the democratic process, and the cancellation of elections can have serious implications for democracy.

Excerpts of the statement :

“At the heart of democracy is the principle of free and fair elections. It is through elections that citizens have the right to choose their representatives and hold them accountable. When elections are cancelled, it denies citizens the opportunity to exercise their right to vote and can result in an erosion of trust in the democratic system.

Elections serve as a means for citizens to express their preferences for policy and leadership, and to hold elected officials accountable. When elections are cancelled, the democratic process is compromised, and the legitimacy of the government is called into question.

The cancellation of elections can lead to frustration, anger, and apathy among citizens. It can create a sense of helplessness among citizens, who may feel that their voices are not being heard. This can result in a loss of faith in the political system and a lack of trust in elected officials.

As a movement committed to promoting and defending democratic values, we urge the authorities to take all necessary steps to ensure that the election is held in a free, fair, and transparent manner. We call on all citizens to remain vigilant and demand that their voices are heard. Together, we can ensure that democracy prevails and that our country remains a beacon of hope for all.”