Gangani Liyanage must be summoned before the EC - Prof G.L Peiris

February 16, 2023

Freedom People’s Congress member Prof G.L Peiris says Government Printer Gangani Liyanage and Treasury Secretary Mahinda Siriwardana before the Election Commission of Sri Lanka and questioned as the officials are clearly trying to deprive the people of their right to the franchise by violating the supreme law of the country. The MP made these comments during a press conference held yesterday. He said though the date to distribute the postal vote ballots has been delayed, the Election Commissioner has assured there are no changes in the polling dates.

Peiris highlighted that given the Election Commission’s assurance before the Supreme Court that the polls will be held as scheduled, all state officials have a responsibility to support the EC in holding elections. He said the attempt by the Government to delay the election is glaringly evident through the Government Printer’s demand for payment in full prior to the printing of ballot papers.
He said while Gangani Liyanage is now demanding payment of Rs. 410 million to print ballot papers, she gladly printed all materials relating to the Independence Day celebration without any complaint. He also said the Government Printer is already in possession of the necessary material to print the ballot papers and therefore does not need payment in full.

He also said the Treasury Secretary is not providing the requested funds to the Government Printer and therefore he should also be questioned in this regard.