CID to send team to Indonesia to investigate billionaire businessman Onesh Subasinghe’s killing

February 13, 2023

The CID is set to send a team of investigators to inquire into the killing of billionaire Sri Lankan buisnessman Onesh Subasinghe. 45-year-old Subasinghe was found dead under suspicious circumstances in a serviced apartment in Jakarta, Indonesia on 3 February. While the Indonesian Police have commenced investigations into his death, they believe his wife and her associate may have been involved in his killing. Currently, the duo have fled Indonesia and headed to Doha, taking with them Onesh’s four-year-old daughter. If they then flew to another country or their home country of Brazil, remains unknown.

IGP C.D Wickremaratne on 9 February ordered the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) to conduct an inquiry into his death. According to the IGP, the investigation was ordered based on the possibility that the plot to murder the businessman may have been hatched in Sri Lanka, even though the plan was carried out in Indonesia. Accordingly, a team of investigators led by Director CID SSP Kavinda Piyasekara has now been appointed to carry out an investigation with the assistance of the INTERPOL and Indonesian law enforcement. Police insiders claim it is likely that a team from the CID will also leave for Indonesia shortly as a part of its investigation.