Local car dealers recall vehicles with faulty airbags that led to the death of leading scientist

February 10, 2023

Local car dealers have published advertisements recalling vehicles with faulty airbags similar to those present in the car driven by leading scientist Dr Vimukthi Jayaweera who was killed in an accident last week after colliding with a roadblock that was placed in a haphazard manner at Kumbuka in Gonapola, Horana.

Jayaweera of the Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology (SLINTEC) was killed when he met with an accident and the faulty airbags were deployed. A metal shard of the airbag had caused grievous injuries to the scientist leading to his death. Accordingly, they have now called for an Air Bag system upgrade recall of the following models:

Civic :ES4/ES8/FD1/FD4/FB1

CRV : RD1/RD5/RE2/ RE3/RE4
Accord:CM5/ CL5/CL7/CF8/CF9
Fit/ Jazz GP1/GP2/GP3 /GP4/GE6/ GD1/GD8/GD6
City:GM2/ 3A3
Stream : RN3
Odyssey: RA3

Corolla 141 : ZRE 141R- AE## / ZZE141R- AE# / CE140R- AEH#A
Yaris : NCP92R-BE### / NCP42R- BE## / NCP90R- BE##

The dealers warned that noncompliance to the above recall may result in injury to the driver and the front passenger if airbags are deployed in the event of a collision.