Dinesh Schaffter’s cause of death finally revealed in courts

February 08, 2023

Prominent businessman, Dinesh Schaffter’s cause of death has been revealed as ingestion of cyanide. The fact was revealed when the case was taken up in the Aluthkade Magistrates Court today. It was also revealed the pressure exerted on his neck area was not significant enough to kill him. The facts were read out in court from the post-mortem by the additional magistrate Rajindra Jayasuriya.

The investigators from the CID revealed that they found documents addressed to Schaffter’s wife and his in-laws on his iphone and ipad. They told courts they discovered a document titled list on his Apple notes which included KCM, a shortened form to identify Cyanide and ZIP tie. They said the device also included another document titled The List which included the names of five persons including Mrs Muthukumarana, Jagath Seneviratne, Jayaratne, Anton Hemantha and Elian Gunawardane. It also included their addresses and contact numbers. The CID said the text in the note seemed to infer the last four mentioned must be destroyed.

The CID said it discovered a file containing images of Brian Thomas, and mentions of Josephine and Christian Thomas. One mention according to the CID said ”MOST IMPORTANT WHO IS BEHIND B.T. GET MY MONEY BACK”

The CID also said Schaffter had attempted to summon Thomas to the Borella Cemetary on the day of his death but had failed to. In response to his message, Thomas had replied saying he had no necessity to meet Schaffter and had mentioned an assault on him on a previous occasion. They also told courts that Schaffter had deleted certain messages sent to Thomas.