G.L says his faction will boycott President’s throne speech

February 07, 2023

MP Prof G.L Peiris says the Freedom People’s Congress (FPC) will boycott President Ranil Wickremesinghe’s throne speech scheduled to take place on 8 February when the fourth session of the parliament is ceremonially declared open. Following the ceremonial opening of the session on the day, the President is scheduled to present the Statement of Government Policy in Parliament at 10.00 a.m according to the powers vested in him under Article 33 of the Constitution. However, Peiris says he along with fellow members of the FPC, a breakaway group of the ruling Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) will not be in attendance.

Peiris called it a mere show and said the parliament was prorogued before its time. “These are not acceptable. The people are tired of throne speeches. The people do not want to listen to more policy statements. They have no use for speeches. They need solutions instead,” he said. Peiris noted that while there is much pompous talk about national pride, in a matter of hours LP gas prices have been increased. “People want answers,” he reiterated.

“They are speaking of economic development in 2048. Long term plans are needed but priority must be given to resolving the issues currently at hand,” the MP said. Peiris said therefore his faction will not attend parliament on 8 February in protest.