Dinesh Schaffter's father says his death was a ruthless murder

February 06, 2023

Chandra Schaffter, the father of the late Dinesh Schaffter speaking to the media for the first time since his demise has called his death a ruthless murder. Schaffter in an interview with a newspaper appealed to the media and the public to not indulge in speculative untruths aimed to tarnish the name of a good son and human being, who was the victim of a ruthless murder as it is the subject of an ongoing investigation.

In a statement speaking of the day of his son’s death Schaffter said “On the day of his death, 15 December 2022, I visited Dinesh to say goodbye as he was packed and ready to leave at 4.00 p.m. for the UK with his family. He was going to the UK to admit his children in school there.

This visit was not a holiday but a visit to process residence permits in the UK for his family, based on his residence permit.

On that day, he was in good spirits. Dinesh and his wife sat with me at his verandah for almost an hour laughing and joking as we usually do when we are together until I left his home around noon. He had mentioned to me that he had to go out for a quick meeting and sounded his normal casual self when he said it. I didn’t sense any sign of apprehension or nervousness.

Based on my interaction with him that day, I am certain that Dinesh was not anticipating any danger. So, what followed was a complete shock to all of us. I know he did not have an inkling of the dastardly plot that resulted in his death.”