Catholic Church says rulers responsible for country’s destruction must apologies to the nation on Feb 4

February 02, 2023

Media Spokesman of the Catholic Church, Fr. Cyril Gamini says the Catholic Church has decided to boycott the national independence day celebrations this year. 

Holding a press conference yesterday, Fr. Gamini questioned the possibility of celebrating the country’s independence as the populace faces numerous day-to-day issues including malnutrition, loss of employment, power cuts and medicinal shortages. 

“Spending Rs. 200 million to hold this kind of independence celebration is a great crime and a waste. We strongly condemn the waste of this huge amount of money to hold the 75th Independence Day,” he said. He said no one representing the Catholic Church will join the event. He said instead of holding a celebration, all rulers in the last 75 years responsible for the country’s destruction must apologise to the nation instead.