Dullas reveals Govt attempts to bribe opposition candidates ahead of LG polls

MP Dullas Alahapperuma has accused the government of attempting to bribe opposition candidates expecting to contest at the upcoming local government polls. Addressing the media at a press conference held at the Freedom National Congress head office in Colombo yesterday, Alahapperuma said he will present the evidence to back up these accusations in due course. “The government is attempting to do everything possible to delay the election as there are certain doubts surrounding their possible victory. However the loser is already quite evident,” he said. The MP said, therefore, the government is continuing in its tactics to delay the election.

“Yesterday they brought up a new topic. That is that the election commission must change. Of course, it must after a new amendment to the constitution. But this is not the time for it as nominations have already been handed over,” the MP said, adding that no other government has played games with the people’s franchise as the current one. “We have seen the fate that befell such a government,” he noted.

Alaapperuma called on all parties of the opposition to band together to push for elections. “At no point must this unity be destroyed,” the MP said.

The veteran politician also said the people must strive to end this uncontrollable and criminal government as the country marks its 75th independence day.