Abolishment of Executive Presidency needed for economic revival in SL - AKD

Leader of the National People’s Party (NPP) Anura Kumara Dissanayake says a new constitution and the abolishment of the executive presidency are needed to rebuild the country. According to him while people always talk about the crisis in relation to the economic factors that led to it, he says the political culture of the country is the key reason for its downfall. The NPP leader said under an NPP government a new constitution will be introduced and the executive presidential system will be abolished.

The NPP leader made these remarks while addressing the National Economic Forum organised by the party in Colombo yesterday. It was attended by about 1000 invitees from the country’s business sector.

“The executive presidency is unsuited for a country like Sri Lanka as it is often misused by our leaders. They have not developed the ability or thinking to handle such a powerful seat,” he said, adding that the country has witnessed many examples of this in the recent past. Dissanayake said only a good foundation with a new constitution at its centre can lead to the revival of Sri Lanka.