Sajith demands Govt halt power cuts during A/Ls

Opposition leader Sajith Premadasa has called on the government to halt power cuts during the advanced-level examinations period. While Premadasa called the government’s decision to continue power cuts during the critical period for school students ‘arbitrary’ and ‘unkind’, he said it was nevertheless unsurprising as it was true to its form. According to Premadasa, a government that is incapable of providing uninterrupted power during an important examination that will decide the future of the country’s children can only be described as anti-people. The opposition leader said the need to increase electricity tariffs is no excuse to impose power cuts during the examinations period.

“It's no secret that this year, students are appearing for the A-level examination amid many more challenges than before. They are sitting for the exam when their future as well as the future of the country is facing a challenging situation,” Premadasa said. According to him, while the government has repeatedly taken steps to increase electricity tariffs, it has not attempted to introduce any subsidised plan for the people of the country. He said this was nothing but a devious attempt to privatise the power and energy sector of the country. “This will only darken not only the future of these students but of the country as well,” the opposition leader said.

Premadasa called on the government to reverse its decision to continue power cuts during the examination period and provide uninterrupted power for the benefit of the country’s children.