No one comes forward to claim remains of Hithumathe Jeewithe

Former inmate Batugahage Don Sumathipala alias Hithumathe Jeewithe, as he was popularly known for the tattoo across his chest has passed away on 13 January. His remains lie at the mortuary of the Kalubowila Hospital as no relative has come forward to claim them.

Sumathipala was incarcerated for over 43 years when he was finally released in 2018 under a special presidential pardon. He claimed he had killed five people linked to the alleged rape of his sister and had gone to prison as a result of these crimes. However, his sister appearing on the media said these were fabricated lies and Sumathipala had first gone to prison when she was 7 years old. After being confronted Sumathipala began avoiding the media and lived as a recluse.

A film was also made based on the stories he narrated about his crimes and life.