SLT-MOBITEL’s mSpace 'Code Blast' National Hackathon 2023 to Ignite Entrepreneurial Spirit and Technological Innovation

Advancing innovation and igniting an entrepreneurial spirit among Sri Lanka's developer community, SLT-MOBITEL, the National ICT Solutions Provider, together with hSenid Mobile Solutions proudly announces, 'Code Blast', National Hackathon 2023 hosted on mSpace – bespoke app development platform for participants to unleash creativity and build innovative solutions that solve real-world problems.

The mSpace 'Code Blast' National Hackathon, is set to make a lasting impact within the developer landscape of Sri Lanka. The event is scheduled to be held on 30th September 2023 at Trace Expert City, Colombo 10 comprising of an elite panel of judges from recognised institutions.

The mSpace Code Blast Hackathon aims to unite undergraduates, postgraduate students, lecturers, and entrepreneurs through innovation. mSpace invites participants to collaborate with a team of like-minded individuals and pitch ideas to a panel of expert judges for a chance to win exciting prizes and recognition.

Participants will have the opportunity to create and demonstrate their problem-solving skills created through the transformative potential of mSpace, a fully-fledged app development platform hosted by SLT-MOBITEL. The event promotes the spirit of entrepreneurship and aims to empower participants to transform their ideas into tangible business solutions. Through creative thinking, participants are encouraged to harness the power of technology and address real-world challenges and create opportunities for growth.

The SLT-MOBITEL mSpace 'Code Blast' National Hackathon will also serve as a catalyst for a stronger and more interconnected developer community. Participants now can embark on a journey, not only to showcase their technical skills, but also to develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

SLT-MOBITEL’s mSpace is designed to cater to both developers and non-developers to craft and monetize their own telco-based applications. Developers can seamlessly integrate their programming expertise with extensive APIs provided by mSpace to create innovative solutions. Similarly, individuals without a coding background can harness mSpace’s user-friendly interface to design applications with just a few clicks.

To participate in the SLT-MOBITEL mSpace 'Code Blast' National Hackathon, a team must consist of maximum five (05) members of 19 years of age and above. Additionally, usage of mSpace APIs in the solution presented is mandatory. While usage of generative AI in the solution is optional, the team will be entitled to additional bonus marks. The final solution presented must be a fully or partially working product.

Upon conclusion of the hackathon, SLT-MOBITEL aims to support and guide the applicants to monetize their applications developed via mSpace and unveil a new path of opportunity to thrive in the hyper competitive market.

For more information, please reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +94 702 725 777 or visit