Nature Efficient Electronics' Greenee Brand Marks Milestone with Lighting Initiative at Historic Calvary Church"

“As the Managing Director of Nature Efficient Electronics Pvt Ltd, I am proud to announce that our brand, Greenee, has reached a remarkable milestone in the lighting industry. For over a decade, we have been providing cutting-edge lighting solutions to fulfill the requirements of businesses and government organizations in Sri Lanka. In 2012, we introduced LED light fittings to the country, and since then, we have successfully completed many significant projects, both locally and internationally.” said Ajith Gunawardhana – The Managing Director of Nature Efficient Electronics Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.

“At Greenee, we believe in not only delivering exceptional products but also in fostering a sense of responsibility towards the less fortunate in society. As we celebrate our 11th anniversary, we have chosen to give back to the community by addressing the lighting requirements of an iconic historical site – the Calvary church, also known as St. Vincent Home, in Maggona.” he added.

Managed by the OMI fathers, St. Vincent Home holds great significance in Sri Lanka’s history. Established back in 1800, it was the first institution dedicated to caring for abandoned children in our country. Today, the institute continues its noble work by providing training in motor technical services to empower the youth and ensure suitable employment opportunities.

Additionally, they maintain a home for the elderly, ensuring their well-being and happiness.

The Calvary church, nestled within St. Vincent Home, attracts numerous visitors, particularly during the lent season. It is a special place where people find peace and contemplation.

“We see it as our shared mission to protect and maintain this historical treasure. By offering our services and improving the lighting, we aim to create a more uplifting atmosphere in this sacred space and contribute to its long-lasting legacy. We invite individuals from all religions and races to join us in this philanthropic endeavor. Your contributions, whether in the form of services or goods, will directly benefit the underprivileged children under the care of St. Vincent Home. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Rev. Fr. Jude Saparamadu for giving us the opportunity to collaborate and make a positive impact on the lives of these deserving children. It is through acts of kindness and good deeds that we find true satisfaction and happiness in life. As we celebrate our 11th anniversary, let us not only commemorate our achievements in the lighting industry but also embrace the spirit of compassion and community. Together, we can create a brighter future for all.” Ajith added.