MillenniumIT ESP Unveils Iconic New Head Office, Embarking on a Journey of Innovation and Growth

MillenniumIT ESP, one of Sri Lanka's top IT companies, recently celebrated the long-awaited official unveiling of their new head office in Colombo 03, located at 450D, R.A. De Mel Mawatha. Located in the heart of Colombo, the new office represents a transformative shift for MIT ESP as it symbolizes a significant step forward and underscores the company's dedication to creating a dynamic and inspiring work environment.

"With great enthusiasm, we unveil our new head office, marking a significant chapter in our growth and ambition," said Shevan Goonetilleke, CEO/Director at MIT ESP. "This space is a testament to our commitment to providing our team with an environment that encourages creativity, innovation, collaboration, and an environment that our employees will be proud of and find enjoyable. We firmly believe that this holistic approach will propel our company further on its accelerated growth path and solidify our position as a global leader in the IT industry."

In addition to serving as a hub for more than 600 employees, the new head office also serves as a space to welcome global partners, customers, and principals as MIT ESP aims to position itself as the largest and strongest technology company in Sri Lanka.

The design of the new head office creates a rich, dynamic and contemporary image in line with the company’s brand palette, at the same time dividing them into functional zones. The composition of Proportion, Repetition, Proximity, Rhythm & Radial Balance is conceptualized in the design, which revolves around a central meeting point – symbolizing unity and future visions.

The design of the new head office was masterfully crafted by Ranga Fernando, renowned interior designer and architect from Inside Projects. In the spirit of creating synergies between the human and technology, the business community, and the employees; the space encourages encounters, collaboration and reflection inspired by advanced technologies in the field of Artificial intelligence. The building interior as well as the exterior represents the fusion of human intelligence and machine learning, creating an unprecedented space that has not been seen before in Sri Lanka.

MIT ESP, one of the leading IT companies in Sri Lanka with an impressive 27-year history, provides technology solutions and services spanning core infrastructure, cloud, cyber security, enterprise applications, intelligent automation and data, smart buildings, and managed services. Their transformative work, which includes implementing core banking systems, pioneering solutions for stock exchanges, digitizing government departments, implementing IP TV platforms for nationwide consumption and being a key contributor towards the QR code based fuel pass system, among other significant projects, has shaped the technology landscape of Sri Lanka.

As MIT ESP expands its global footprint and embarks on an accelerated growth path, their new headquarters signifies a bold vision for the future, demonstrating their commitment to innovation, excellence, and a thriving work culture.