Sri Lanka Launches the World’s First Collaborative Email Service; ‘Zapmail’

The world's first collaborative email service, ‘Zapmail’ has been launched and is now available to the public, aiming to provide the best communication experience at your own pace. Zapmail is the world's first collaborative email service designed and developed by Sri Lanka to address inefficiencies in team communication by simplifying and streamlining communication, saving teams time and increasing productivity.

Commenting on the launch, the Co-Founders of Zapmail; Sean Samarasinghe, Mark Sachintha, Shay Anthony, Devmin Abeyasena and Meredith Ivor say that; "Traditional email services are not designed for team collaboration, resulting in disorganised conversations, difficulty finding relevant information, and time wasted. Thereby, we concentrated on developing a solution that enables teams to communicate in real time no matter where they are. Within our company, we saw the difficulties that teams had in effectively collaborating via traditional email services. We saw the need for a solution that combines the advantages of email communication with an effective way to collaborate. After extensive research and product improvements with teams from around the world, we are excited to launch ‘Zapmail’, a collaborative email service that integrates conversational emails, zero spam inbox, organised threads, and collaborative spaces for teams.''

Zapmail's developers move forward in search of solutions for the team to be able to collaborate in a professional setting while representing the brand of the organisation. Businesses, universities, organisations, and any other formal setting can now form a more cohesive digital environment to achieve their goals. Furthermore, because Zapmail is cloud-based, it is accessible from any device, allowing teams to continue their conversations from anywhere in the world.

“We are just getting started, and our goal is to make business communication simple and effective for everyone by increasing productivity in organisations all over the world," added the Co-Founders.

Customers of Zapmail, whether large, small, or medium-sized enterprises, businesses, universities, or professionals, will reap several benefits from the tool. Communication within the team will be simplified, organised, and streamlined, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency as information can be transmitted effortlessly. Teams can use Zapmail to switch between chat-like conversations and organised email threads, all within the same platform.

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