ACCA Awards Lanka Rating Agency With The Approved Employer Status For Professional Development

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) recently awarded Lanka Ratings Agency, the Approved Employer Status for Professional Development. The ACCA Approved Employer scheme is a 360-degree solution for recruitment, retention and development of accounting and finance professionals. It has also been designed to help employers derive maximum value from ACCA students, affiliates and members and is presented to employers who meet ACCA’s high standards of employee training, development, and support.

The Lanka Rating Agency is a Sri Lankan credit rating agency that provides ratings and other financial analysis services to businesses and other organizations. Nilusha Ranasinghe, Head of South Asia ACCA, presented the Approved Employer certificate to Adrian Perera, CEO of Lanka Rating Company.

Sharing his thoughts on being presented this accolade, Adrian Perera CEO of the Lanka Rating Agency commented,  “Finance professionals play a critical role in an organization and this global accreditation is a huge milestone for us. This distinction acknowledges our ongoing commitment to providing our employees with high-quality professional training, opportunities and development so they can continue to provide superior financial expertise and skills to the company. 

Nilusha Ranasinghe, Head of South Asia ACCA, acknowledged that obtaining this accreditation was a challenging task, and congratulated Lanka Rating Agency on their achievement, encouraging them to take pride in their accomplishment. Ranasinghe also noted that this award is a testament to the rigorous learning and development programs implemented by the company and serves as evidence that their accountants and finance professionals are consistently maintaining high levels of skill and knowledge.

The Approved Employer status awarded by the ACCA is a significant recognition for an organization that demonstrates it’s commitment to the professional development of its accounting and finance professionals and reflects positively on the organization's reputation and brand image, which can lead to improved business opportunities and a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

As such, Lanka Rating Agency now joins an elite group of employers to gain access to specialised services offered by ACCA. These include services to support the recruitment, development and retention of finance professionals and access to ACCA’s global conference series and research programs on managing human capital among other training products and services.