Sri Lankan Chef Chaminda’s culinary talents shine in Canada

Cooking is an art; it demands meticulous attention to detail, patience, and above all, a genuine passion for the culinary world. Although all chefs are skilled in their respective ways, Chef Chaminda is a true embodiment of what it means to truly put your heart and soul into your work.

Born and raised in Sri Lanka, Chaminda acquired a genuine interest in the culinary world when he attended the SRI LANKAN INSTITUTE OF TOURISM AND HOTEL MANAGEMENT. It was here that his true talents began to shine, as he was presented with countless of opportunities to innovatively create an array of unique and delectable dishes, while also learning from other experts in the field. During his time in Sri Lanka, Chaminda’s culinary work was loved by many; however, feeling destined to grow in expertise, Chaminda took a leap of faith and moved to Canada. Although adapting to this new culture was difficult, Chaminda persisted in strengthening his culinary skill while working as a Sous chef & Executive in both Fort McMurray and Edmonton, Alberta. In the end, all his hard work was worthwhile, as in 2021, Chaminda was granted the opportunity to accept a position as the executive chef for REAL / MOSAIC STADIUM (home for the Saskatchewan roughriders) Since then, he has changed the culinary culture in Regina, his resourceful culinary skills have stamped his style of cooking and developed & introducing REAL FLAVORS to Saskatchewan culinary tapestry. He is enjoying his culinary journey with engagements with local farming community developing and enhancing local produced and encouraging and training young raw talent in Regina for tomorrow. 

Situated in the heart of Regina, Saskatchewan, REAL DISTRICT (the Regina Exhibition Association Limited), formally known as the EVRAZ, is the largest event complex in Canada; it is a vibrant hub for sport, business, and entertainment for all! As the center of all events and activity in Regina, REAL District hosts an estimated 3.5 million people annually in a variety of events including FROST @ REAL & Glow, concerts, Canada Farm Shaw, the Canadian Western Agribition, and even weddings! Here at REAL, we’ve created a place where all of life’s greatest moments can be celebrated, one memory at a time. However, all these great celebrations call for great food, and it is here that Chef Chaminda’s expertise comes into play. Ensuring that every guest has a time to remember, Chef Chaminda brings life to his food. To Chaminda, food is as important as the moment; every flavor tells a story, every bite evokes your senses, and every dish transports you to a different realm.