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Rs. 100 Donation For Good Governance – Gammanpila Clarifies Stand

February 03, 2014

JHU Legal Advisor and former Western Province Councilor Udaya Gammanpila, who requested Rs. 100 each from the public for his election campaign said, donating Rs. 100 for good governance was no big deal for Sri Lankan voters.

Speaking to ‘Asian Mirror’, Gammanpila said in this day and age one could only buy a lunch packet from a measly Rs. 100. “You cannot do anything else with Rs. 100. So why don’t you donate such a small amount for an election campaign that is aimed at building good governance?” Gammanpila asked.

“Politicians accept donations from businessmen and then act on behalf of them, after coming to power. In the same way, I will act donations from the public and act on their behalf, after coming to power,” he said.

He added that those who could not afford to give him Rs. 100 should not grant him money as it was just a “kind request”.

Gammanpila, who represents the JHU, a constituent party of the government, has been appointed as the UPFA district leader of Colombo, overlooking several senior members of the SLFP. He said he was made the district leader by the President after taking his academic background, knowledge, skill and experience into consideration.

When asked whether he has any dreams of becoming the Chief Minister of the Western Province, Gammanpila said everyone wants to be the Chief Minister!