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Patience Wearing Thin: 3rd Resolution Certain - Nisha Biswal

February 01, 2014

Addressing reporters in Colombo ahead of the March UNHRC session where a US sponsored resolution will be presented against Sri Lanka, US Assistant Secretary of State for South Asia Nisha Biswal said the US still has not lost hopes on a Sri Lankan process in addressing accountability.


However, she added that due to the delays on the part of Sri Lanka in addressing accountability, patience of the international community is wearing thin. 

Commenting on the third US resolution which is to be presented before the UN Human Rights Council, Biswal said the US was determined to bring a resolution on Sri Lanka to push the Sri Lankan government towards stronger efforts in addressing accountability. Biswal indicated that the third resolution will further help Sri Lanka in its efforts towards accountability and reconciliation. 

Although she confirmed that the third resolution would have nothing to do with economic sanctions, she said she was not in a position to express her viewpoints on the content of the resolution. 

Biswal, during her brief visit, had a number of discussions with various parties such as the government, the opposition as well as the members of  the Northern Provincial Council. Before visiting Sri Lanka, she also met Lalith Weeratunga, Secretary to the President, in Washington to discuss important matters on the accountability front.