Sri Lanka Vehemently Rejects India's Request To Release All Fishermen

Sri Lankan givernment has vehemently rejected Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa Jeyaram's requet to release all Tamil Nadu fishermen, who are in jail in Sri Lanka, ahead of the next round of talks between Sri Lankan and Indian fishermen representatives. 


Speaking to 'Asian Mirror', Narendra Rajapakse, Spokesman of the Fisheries Ministry, said Sri Lanka had no intention to release all Indian fishermen unconditionally prior to the talks. 

"There is a law enforecement system and all Indian fishermen who are in jail for violating maritime laws of Sri Lanka should undergo that. The goivernment cannot influence the law enforcement system of the country to the whims and fancies of politicians," he added. 

He said there was no decision initially to release all Tamil Nadu fishermen unconditionally prior to the next round of talks. 

The next round of discussions will take place in Sri Lanka on March 13. However, the Fisheries Ministry is still indecisive on the exact venue of the discussions.